How an ideal SEO-friendly URL structure should be

Search engines as well as your customers are going to have a look at the URL of your website. An ideal URL structure should showcase an effective hierarchy of the website. It should start with the domain or the root and moving to the categories and subcategories and accordingly to the desired destinations. Setting up a proper URL structure for a small business SEO company can be a bit tricky if you haven’t done proper planning regarding it.

Just like the website, the URL should also be SEO friendly to get maximum visitors and rankings. To achieve this, there should be a proper blend of accessibility and usability. Here are some of the factors which are common in an ideal URL structure.

Proper Keywords and Legibility

Users should be able to identify what the page is about by looking at the URL. This will also be easy for search engines to crawl through resulting in better website rankings. You can add keywords to your URL which would target queries. However, excessive keywords in the URL is just a bad idea and can have a bad impact on the website. Try to be consistent with your keywords throughout the website.

Static URL

Dynamic URLs do not go well with SEO but you are likely to find a lot of websites with dynamic URLs. This does not mean that dynamic URLs are good. When possible, try to use static URLs for your website. It makes it easy for the user to remember the URL and is also clean to look at.

Comprehensive and future proof

There are main content and supplementary content on a website. You should make use of these to cover all the relevant topics which wi increase the visibility of your website. At the same time, plan the structure of your website properly. There should be fewer redirects to your domain and this is easy when there aren’t too many changes required to the URLs. A small business SEO company can give you a better idea about this.

Submission to search engines

After all of these are done, you should create an XML sitemap that contains a list of all the URLs which you want to rank via the SEO. This list should be submitted to the search engines so that all the pages are ranked individually and also so that your website gets recognized.


These have now become the norm for setting up an SEO friendly URL. Make sure to follow these when you are setting up the URL for the website of your small business SEO company.

The auction: what are its advantages?

For those who do not yet know exactly what an advertise auction is, know that it is the sale of items (furniture or real estate) to the highest bidder. In other words, the ownership of the property in question will be attributed to the person offering the best price offer. Depending on the case, the price of the item may be determined either by the officials responsible for ensuring the implementation of the sale, or by interested buyers.

Why buy at auction? Is it more interesting to buy at auction than elsewhere? Is this a safe way?

Yes, in general, we do good business by buying at auction; just compare our sales results and market prices.

Is this a safe way?

Do not forget that the auctioneers are ministerial officers, sworn professionals. It is a guarantee of seriousness and security. In addition, all our vehicles benefit from a technical inspection of less than 2 months and some, an expertise.

The Internet has revolutionized our mode of consumption and the global economy. Access to information is faster and now we can almost buy everything and sell without moving. All you need is a computer or Smartphone and an internet connection to keep up with the latest news. The auction world is also experiencing its digital revolution with the development of online auctions.

Online Advertising

Online Auctions vs. Traditional Auctions

Until a few years ago, auction houses attracted a well-off clientele from a certain social class, very often collectors. There reigned in these places a particular atmosphere, where were side by side, in eight closets, buyers and sellers of invaluable works. Even today, vintage cars, unique jewelry and works of art from around the world can be sold at auctions organized by traditional auction houses.

The democratization of online auctions has widened the diversity of properties for sale and the public has become much broader.

Live bidding requires a physical presence while online bidding can be done from anywhere, from a computer or smart phone. Auctions are taking place more and more often online, making the physical presence at auction less and less necessary. However, the location factor as a limit to the choice of the proposed lots remains. Online auctions, on the other hand, allow buyers to access objects from all over the world. A significant advantage for sellers too, whose lots reach a much wider audience?

Traditional auction houses employ experts to review and select lots that are put on sale with great care. On some online auction platforms, sellers can sell anything they want, eliminating the verification phase while expanding the selection, especially since there are no limitations on the constraints. Auction sites like e-bay, flourish on the web present opportunities, in the position of the acquirer as in that of the dealer.

Factors to Consider for choosing sms Service Provider

If you are trying to take up your business to next level then you must use the latest tools and instruments. The more you are careful about everything, the better you can do. The competition today is so much that nobody can survive in the absence of dynamic moves and effective tools.

Since more and more organizations are emerging every week, the competition is going higher only.  If you are a budding organization and you want to make an impact on your customers then you must make use of sms services. You can look for Bulk sms provider in Mumbai or in your city. In this way, you can use sms messaging facilities to bring effectivity and professionalism in your organization.

Are there good SMs providers available?

There are excellent sms providers out there if you look around. You have to do some sort of research before you end up with any service provider.  The point is that there are plenty of companies out there that are good sms providers but many are there that are shallow and not worth considering.  Everybody has their blanket statement that they provide you with the best rates and excellent services. It depends on you whether you want to depend on their word or your own research and experience. Just because a service provider is claiming that they are good, it does not mean they are. Moreover, there is another side to it too. Maybe the service provider is great for another business but might not be good for your organisation.

How to look for one?

There are a few good points that can help you making a right decision. These are like:

Budget factor

When you begin to look for sms provider, make sure that you have taken into consideration your budget. All your decisions should be budget oriented. Your budget should permit you to choose the right option. What if you are spending on a service provider more than you can afford and later on things don’t work out for you? Such a thing might land you in debts.

Reputation Matters

It is equally true that reputation matters. You have to look at the reputation of the service provider before you choose them to work with. The point is you might hear all the good things from the mouth of the service provider but the real story is with the users, customers and other people. You have to find out what people are saying about that service provider and their services. In this way, you can be sure if you should go for it or not. Finally, once you are sure that the reputation is sound, you can choose it without a doubt because no service provider would take a chance with their hard-earned reputation.


So, once you have availed a good and experienced sms service provider in Mumbai, you can bring some changes in your organization that would be for overall good

Search Engine Marketing strategy for Brooklyn Company

We can all agree that search engine marketing is essential for companies especially if they want to reach more visitors and potential customers.

 As we all know, most people search on Google and other search engines criteria they want to understand. Therefore, as a company, you have to take advantage of search engines and try to outrank your competition to get potential customers.

We recommend you to check Viva Traffic – Brooklyn because that is the best way to create a meaningful strategy that will create marketing success. That is why we wanted to present you steps to create effective search engine marketing strategy:

  1. Create Effective Strategy

The first steps that you should follow are to create a coherent strategy that will allow you to implement your name and raise awareness. It is important to define your target audience as well as highlighting your products and identifying their motivations and needs.

The next step should be analyzing your particular position in the marketplace as well as competitors so that you can identify your advantages. After creating a comprehensive analysis of the market, you should identify specific goals you wish to reach such as website traffic increase, search rankings, increase in sales and other return-on-investment factors you have to follow.

Creating a strategy is the most important part of your SEM,and it is a foundation that will help you create a meaningful campaign. To learn more on SEM, we recommend you to click here.

  1. Create A Keyword Strategy

The best way to increase your visibility on search engines is by analyzing your competitors and finding the appropriate keyword that will bring a potential customer to your website. It is essentialto step that you have to perform properly, especially because the first and initial concept of SEM is creating keywords that will differentiate you from competitors.

It is vital to understand that keywords should be phrases that are relevant to your business and that people use in their search criteria. Therefore, you have to combine these two factors in making your specific keywords.

  1. Optimize Your Website Completely

Having keywords is just a beginningbecause you have to implement them properly so that you can optimize your website without any additional hassle. It is essential to create a meaningful and informative writing content and to optimize it by using keyword phrases you decided to implement.

The best way to learn how search engine rankings function is by visiting this particular website:

It is essential to write a skillful content because that will help you effectively market and reach more audience. Implement keywords based on the latest SEO rules, and focus on website’s structure. Make sure that website is crawlablebecause that will ensure that search engines index your content and give you the ranking you deserve.

  1. Quality Links Are Essential

We have all heard about link building, and it is a great way to ensure that your website becomes visible. The more inbound links you have, the more visitors will reach you and search engines will rank you better.

However, don’t overdo it, because you have to implement links carefully following SEO regulations.

Creative Ideas for Conducting Loyalty programs

Customer loyalty is an important thing for most of the businesses these days. With customer loyalty, you can drive your business towards the desired level of profitability. Now, to attain customer loyalty, a business has to do more than keeping good relationship with customers. It is more than producing good quality products and selling them at discounted prices to customers. You need to build loyalty programs for customers. Now, various creative ideas can be implemented for building loyalty programs and offering loyalty reward. In the following section, we shall find some of those creative ideas.

Set Goals for Customers

You need to set goals for your customers so that they can be motivated or encouraged to make purchases. Unless there is a goal, buyers would not try to make high expenses. When they know that they would get handsome discount after reaching certain purchasing value, they would definitely try to achieve that. In network marketing, it is essential to motivate customers to go for more shopping so that your business can end up having better sales figure at the end of the month.

loyalty reward

Offer Discounts Handsomely

Customers would not chase a target, unless the reward looks handsome enough. So, business owners have to be generous in terms of loyalty reward through their loyalty programs. Reward can be creative. Giving discount seems too clinched and that is why you can offer special value on some premium products as reward. It will fetch even better sales drive.

Loyalty Program Must Not Be Complicated

The loyalty bonus or reward should look achievable as well as simplistic. If it looks complicated and difficult to be achieved at the same time, people would not find interest in joining such loyalty programs. Both loyalty and referral programs require simplicity. Complex ideas would not work and they can also create negative impression. Once customers have the impression that your business is trying to play smart, they would be skeptical with future business offers and loyalty ideas. Recently it happened for me to attend a loyalty program awarding which encouraged the creativeness of a student for his Best Paper Airplane Ever creativeness.

Do Not Punish Customer Accidentally

Certain people will try to breach loyalty terms and businesses have to be careful on that aspect. However, the case has to be investigated carefully. You can punish, if that is a true case of breaching. But, you should punish someone without conducting proper investigation. Punishing customers wrongly or accidentally can create harmful negative reputation.

Look for Long Term Relationship

Create your loyalty program to promote long term relationship with customers. Encourage them to go for long term relationship with your business.