How an ideal SEO-friendly URL structure should be

Search engines as well as your customers are going to have a look at the URL of your website. An ideal URL structure should showcase an effective hierarchy of the website. It should start with the domain or the root and moving to the categories and subcategories and accordingly to the desired destinations. Setting up a proper URL structure for a small business SEO company can be a bit tricky if you haven’t done proper planning regarding it.

Just like the website, the URL should also be SEO friendly to get maximum visitors and rankings. To achieve this, there should be a proper blend of accessibility and usability. Here are some of the factors which are common in an ideal URL structure.

Proper Keywords and Legibility

Users should be able to identify what the page is about by looking at the URL. This will also be easy for search engines to crawl through resulting in better website rankings. You can add keywords to your URL which would target queries. However, excessive keywords in the URL is just a bad idea and can have a bad impact on the website. Try to be consistent with your keywords throughout the website.

Static URL

Dynamic URLs do not go well with SEO but you are likely to find a lot of websites with dynamic URLs. This does not mean that dynamic URLs are good. When possible, try to use static URLs for your website. It makes it easy for the user to remember the URL and is also clean to look at.

Comprehensive and future proof

There are main content and supplementary content on a website. You should make use of these to cover all the relevant topics which wi increase the visibility of your website. At the same time, plan the structure of your website properly. There should be fewer redirects to your domain and this is easy when there aren’t too many changes required to the URLs. A small business SEO company can give you a better idea about this.

Submission to search engines

After all of these are done, you should create an XML sitemap that contains a list of all the URLs which you want to rank via the SEO. This list should be submitted to the search engines so that all the pages are ranked individually and also so that your website gets recognized.


These have now become the norm for setting up an SEO friendly URL. Make sure to follow these when you are setting up the URL for the website of your small business SEO company.