Source Data Products – The Best IBM Partner

Source Data Products, Inc has been in this industry since 1979. They are more specialized in the technical expertise field when it comes to IBM midrange product line. What sets them apart from their competitors is that they know what they should know about the technical side of the equipment that they sell. They are able to provide support until today.

            Through the years, they have been adding products and services to make sure that their customers are satisfied with what they can offer. When you are in this business, you know that the needs are expanding but this company remains the representative of other manufacturers in the areas of IT. Today, they would be able to provide you with hardware, software, as well as consulting services for different technology providers.

Source Data Products, Inc: What Can They Offer?

The IBM Power Systems. This company will be able to provide you with experts who can help find the perfect solution that you need. You may have needs for IBM i on POWER, or maybe an IBM iSeries server, or it can be AS 400 upgrade. If you need fall into this categories, they are what you need.

4-Hour IBM i Upgrade. If you want to upgrade your IBM POWER with a V6R1 or a V7R1 2 to 3 times your System Save time, then you need Source Data Products, Inc. It can be about 2 to 4 hours, depending on the amount of data that you have and can be done if you are from the USA. They have already done IBM i, i5/OS, iSeries, AS400 operating system upgrades in North America. You may think that this is not possible since the upgrade will usually take a weekend. Here, all the hard work are done at their laboratory.

Cloud400. If you need the best and the most secure IBM hosting or Cloud hosting for your businesses critical applications, then this is the best source for you. Cloud400 is secure and easy. The company has the IBM i experts and they are backed by their hundreds, maybe even thousands of customers and fanatics with their more than two decades of experience.

Cloud400 DR. When you need a recovery plan for IBM, this company can definitely help you with that. Cloud400 DR can provide you with different IBM disaster recovery. They can also provide you with the iSeries disaster recovery, as well as the AS400 solutions for disaster recovery.  All of this can fit your Recovery Time Objective or RTO and also your Recovery Point Objective requirements or RPO.

IBM may be known for its reliability, but like other applications, it can also have its downtime. It may happen at the time that you least expected. Source Data Product, Inc. can provide you with all the services listed above. So what are you waiting for? This company can assure you that they would be able to provide value-based solutions with their IBM hosting, IBM i, iSeries, as well as System i and also AS400.