List of the best enterprise resource planning solution provider Singapore

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is not new to the business world. Many businesses are already using it to manage their business key functions from finance to marketing with the automation process of ERP. Now, it is becoming a necessary tool for many enterprises to perform business functions and focus more on the company’s growth. So, if you are a small business owner and find your business in a position to move to ERP, then it is important to choose the right software which fits your business.

For that, you should consider an ERP solution provider. There are many in Singapore to choose from, and after deep evaluation, we suggest some companies that are the best enterprise resource planning solution provider singapore.


Best ERP solution providers in Singapore


AFON has been in the business since 1999, assisted many companies in providing efficiency in their business operations. Many major and small-medium enterprises trust the company to maintain the business system in Singapore. AFON is the only award-winning ERP solution company in Singapore that offers four ERP software brands – Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and Sage.

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The experts of AFON have enough experience to help you choose ERP software that will suit your business and scale your business.

Financial consultant:

When choosing ERP software, you have to manage your budget can’t go overboard. AFON will help you choose the software that will meet your business need and satisfy your budget.

World 4 brands to choose from:

 Allow you to choose from the best ERP software available and get the one that suits your business.

Additional Services:

AFON also offers additional cloud hosting, data recovery, and AI tools for investment.

Best in the market:

AFON is the best in the market with many awards and titles under its name. So, when you spend money, then why not go for the best one.

Web Synergies

Web synergies offer businesses complete digital transformation with tailor-made solutions for your businesses. The company is a professional software provider company based in Singapore also conducts operations in India and Japan.


Why Web synergies?


The company just celebrated 23 years of anniversary, have enough experience with international companies.

ERP solutions:

The company provides ERP solutions of Microsoft, SAP, and their home software of ERP. Also, work with iSuite software solutions and provide their clients with the best ERP solutions.

Customer Base:

The company has clients from all over Singapore, from big to small companies, with good customer reviews.

Additional services: 

The company assists you in reaching your business goals with real-time analysis and providing decision-making insights for your business. There are other services such as CRM, web development, social media analysis, etc., that you can utilize for your business growth.

Supply Chain Management: The Effective Benefits – Read Here to Find Out!

If you’re a business owner that runs a logistic company, then supply chain is the main processor of your business. Supply chain management or also known as SCM in logistics industries is a group of a different software solution that handles the business workflow which involves the movement of the goods, data, and finances, as a certain business product or service transfer from one place to another. Supply chain management duties are to implement product procurement, PLM (product lifecycle management), SCP (supply chain planning), product logistics, and product order management.

A reliable and complete supply chain software should include the following responsibilities:

  • Material handling
  • Software sets that work in all entities
  • Creates business products
  • Fulfill and complete product orders
  • Track the products information
  • Track data from manufacturers, wholesalers, product transportation providers, product logistics providers, and customers.

Background of Supply Chain Management 

Some of you who have a background about supply chain management should say that this kind of system already practiced during the ancient time. The supply chain is the origin of linear supply chains that transfer products from one location to another place of the distribution.

As the year passes by, trade network, place, the location has been multiplied. There are several shipping lanes that are opened, ports were built, and railroads were created. Communication was smooth-running to improve supply chain management workflow in a more and effective method. As technology continues to change, simple supply networks also evolve into a more slick and sophisticated composite supply chain management.

Benefits of Supply Chain Management 

Like what was mentioned above, supply chain management has been used thousand years ago to improve the product transportation and transfer from one point to another location of the distribution. That’s why many businesses rely on the effectiveness of this powerful software that gains a lot of useful benefits and advantages.

Below are some of the useful benefits of using a supply chain software in your business:

  • It helps to manage and lessen costs
  • Control different kinds of risks, such as delayed shipments and transportation errors
  • Boost customer service and communication in all entities
  • Assist with forecasting and business decision making
  • Automate major business workflow process such as order processing, product invoicing, product shipment tracking, which can result from saving time and reduce business costs
  • Help to recognize excess and waste materials or workflow processes and possible savings in transportation, logistics, product warehousing, and product manufacturing
  • Enhance product inventory management and can execute to a more successful demand planning
  • Boost on-time product transferring such as deliveries by managing all the activities and process throughout the supply chain
  • Revamp the business’ responsiveness to unknown and unexpected scenarios, such as machine errors, employees absenteeism, missing products, or customer priorities orders, and human failure
  • Manage reporting and analysis processes easily
  • Helps with proving visibility in all entities such as suppliers, product’s manufacturers, product storage warehouse, and distribution areas.
  • Enhance the collaboration and communication processes in all parties involved such as clients, product partners, manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors.

Like with any other software purchase, your business needs and requirements should be the considering factor when finding out a solution to maximize the efficiency of your business.


What is an event management software? And how is it useful for an organizer? Find out here

Gone are the days when organizing an event is such a hassle especially on the organizer’s side. Today, everything comes more organized and more efficient through using event management software that provides solutions to many painful points of this kind of industry for a greater success rate.

An event management software, simply put, is a software that is set for business solutions to cover different aspects of event organizing which covers from planning to post-event stages while there are some software solutions that offers end-to-end systems that have its own tools for an entire lifecycle of an event, and there are also applications that mainly focus on specific processes of event such as ticketing, invitation, advertising, registration, floor planning, schedules, analytics, and surveys, but all in all, event management software comes very handy for people whose business are organizing events.

According to experts’ study, event management software solutions or a nonprofit event software helps the organizers reach a successful rate by meeting the organizers’ metrics which are attendee satisfaction, revenue, media coverage, and team building which has its own criteria according to the list provided.

There are various factors that event management software addresses and the best example would be shifting data entry in registration that comes from the organizer to the participants as the attendees nowadays are using online registration forms to key in their personal details which is more convenient than manually keying all the details during registration which takes a lot of time and effort.

nonprofit event software

To give you another key benefit of using an event management software is its ability to centralize guest list data which creates one on-site, check-ins and has the ability to process smooth and worry-free payment method.

Despite the advantages that event management software offers to organizers and event planners, some are still failing to use the leverage or the solution it gives mainly because of the lack of information.

In this article, you will learn the importance of using an event management software and what are its benefits that an events planner can take advantage of.

First off, an event management software is a software-based solution that streamlines or automates processes in running an event. This covers from pre-event, the event itself and the post-event and these solutions provide efficiency, accuracy and cost savings. Listed below are the most prominent event management software benefits that you should need to know.

  • CONSOLIDATES DIFFERENT DEPARTMENTS- The event management software uses a single platform and coordinates the tasks and activities that interconnects and synchronizes each team in a single organizing company that includes the sales and marketing, the logistics, the accounting and the travel management to make it easier to, of course, organize an entire event.
  • DECREASES OVERHEADS- Because of its ability to appear visible in all aspects of your operation, it would be easier to control the expenses and keeping the budget caps to come up with higher returns and increase savings during an event.
  • SMOOTH WORKFLOW- There are event management software solutions out there that helps organizers from planning to promotions until the on-site operation up to the post-event evaluation which provides more convenience and efficient operation of an organizing company.