The auction: what are its advantages?

For those who do not yet know exactly what an advertise auction is, know that it is the sale of items (furniture or real estate) to the highest bidder. In other words, the ownership of the property in question will be attributed to the person offering the best price offer. Depending on the case, the price of the item may be determined either by the officials responsible for ensuring the implementation of the sale, or by interested buyers.

Why buy at auction? Is it more interesting to buy at auction than elsewhere? Is this a safe way?

Yes, in general, we do good business by buying at auction; just compare our sales results and market prices.

Is this a safe way?

Do not forget that the auctioneers are ministerial officers, sworn professionals. It is a guarantee of seriousness and security. In addition, all our vehicles benefit from a technical inspection of less than 2 months and some, an expertise.

The Internet has revolutionized our mode of consumption and the global economy. Access to information is faster and now we can almost buy everything and sell without moving. All you need is a computer or Smartphone and an internet connection to keep up with the latest news. The auction world is also experiencing its digital revolution with the development of online auctions.

Online Advertising

Online Auctions vs. Traditional Auctions

Until a few years ago, auction houses attracted a well-off clientele from a certain social class, very often collectors. There reigned in these places a particular atmosphere, where were side by side, in eight closets, buyers and sellers of invaluable works. Even today, vintage cars, unique jewelry and works of art from around the world can be sold at auctions organized by traditional auction houses.

The democratization of online auctions has widened the diversity of properties for sale and the public has become much broader.

Live bidding requires a physical presence while online bidding can be done from anywhere, from a computer or smart phone. Auctions are taking place more and more often online, making the physical presence at auction less and less necessary. However, the location factor as a limit to the choice of the proposed lots remains. Online auctions, on the other hand, allow buyers to access objects from all over the world. A significant advantage for sellers too, whose lots reach a much wider audience?

Traditional auction houses employ experts to review and select lots that are put on sale with great care. On some online auction platforms, sellers can sell anything they want, eliminating the verification phase while expanding the selection, especially since there are no limitations on the constraints. Auction sites like e-bay, flourish on the web present opportunities, in the position of the acquirer as in that of the dealer.