Why You Shouldn’t Use Bots To Manage Your Instagram

Buying of Instagram followers is a service of hiring service providers that has bots that has a known function to automatically and instantly provide IG followers. Many companies are getting these types of service because it yields great results for a short amount of time. Do you need 100 followers within a month? No problem they can provide that! 50,000? 20,000? No problem! Even if you don’t know anything about Instagram or post a ton every month, these bots will work for you.

Some people can even spend 5 years on Instagram, do the best that they can and still they can’t get 5000 followers. But, even if it’s efficient, effective and can give you the number of followers that you can only dream off, it’s still not perfect, it still has some downsides. So if it’s efficient and effective, what is the flaw? If you’re curious then you better read further below.

It doesn’t teach you success: If you got an automated IG follower bot, it won’t teach you anything about Instagram and how to succeed in it. It gives you instant success, thus you won’t really know anything including your IG account. You have to understand that these types of services are temporary, it has limits (ask your service provider about it). So even after you get the results, you’re still left with the hardest part of all which is maintaining your IG account and make sure that your followers will never leave. If you don’t know the formula to succeed in IG it’s going to be even harder for you.

Followers on Instagram

Their results are not a guarantee that you will get significant amounts of followers left: No matter how many followers you got when you availed getting bots for your IG, it’s not a guarantee that all of those will remain. In fact, for the most part, there are a significant number of followers that will unfollow you for many reasons:

  • They didn’t follow your account willingly
  • Your contents are not in their interest
  • Your products and services are not present in their country

Most bots give you followers, but most of the time, there’s no filter or a guarantee that those being dragged to follow your account are actually the right people. So you should expect that there will be a significant number of people that will unfollow you back.

There are good reasons why many people are opting to use bots for Instagram and also there are good reasons why you shouldn’t. Sure it’s convenient and easy but it doesn’t really give you much space to learn IG, even if after the bots have done their work, you’re left with the hardest part of maintaining your IG account. Aside from that, most of these IG bots are dragging some wrong people as well to follow you and its expected that they won’t follow you back. If you want to have high-quality Instagram followers to build your IG, don’t buy Instagram followers with bots.