Passfolk SaverWin- The Mighty Tool to Remove Password Protection from PC

Posted On By Edward Holly

Undoubtedly password protection is a wonderful way to fortify the system from unnecessary invasions, but at the same time if you have become too much dependable upon your computer for every day to day task you perform, then isn’t it a really pain to type in password all the time to access your user accounts? On such occasions, you might feel like not having a password would have been the best choice as it reduces work productivity. Moreover if you are handling more user accounts in number of various computers or laptops for heavy work purposes, there is a likelihood of losing or forgetting your password due to confusion.

Thus besides setting a password, you as a heavy and daily user of computer must know the way to remove the password as well so that you can put it to use whenever needed. Now there are countless methods that can be articulated, but none of them seem to work when you forget your password, except Passfolk SaverWin Free.

SaverWin is a way better than all the approaches available on internet market to resolve your issue. It is a very powerful software which can actually bypass the login screen not only of an unlocked but of a locked computer as well. It has been profusely used by thousands of users across the internet and their corresponding positive feedback clearly suggests that it is totally reliable and secured for guaranteed output.

The criterion to bypass the login screen by SaverWin is quite tricky. It directly attacks the registry sub-keys of the locked computer and manages to manipulate them to disable the password protection facility from the sign-in screen. Surprisingly while removing the password feature it does not require re-configuration of the operating system. As a result none of the stored data gets lost or wiped out from the primary and secondary disks. So this article is basically a review article to introduce you with the marvelous aspects of this wonderful tool. But before we head on with that, it is necessary to know the tool’s special specifications and basic requirements to be operational.

The specifications of Passfolk SaverWinare innumerable yet few of them are diligent enough to be worth mentioning. I have used this tool with Windows 8 computer and it worked flawlessly. However, the software states that it does works with all other Windows OS versions.

Now the basic things you need beforehand to work with SaverWin are the setup file itself; a fully functional computer; and a completely empty disk of minimum storage of 1 GB to create bootable disk.

Once you are ready with all the preparation in your hand, fasten your seatbelts to use them now. First of all you have to download the original setup file from the the official website directly to the spare computer and install it correctly with all steps instructions. Next, launch the tool with admin rights. For that you can right-click on the tool icon and select “Run as administrator”. From the main UI screen of the tool, choose “USB or CD/DVD” as the media type to proceed. Plug in the vacant disk into the computer and click on either “Burn USB” or “Burn CD/DVD” option depending upon whether you have inserted USB or CD/DVD respectively.

It will automatically begin the burning of ISO disk image files into the inserted disk and upon its completion, you will receive a notification as “Burning Successfully!”.

You simply click “Ok” to terminate the burning process. After the burning the completed, pull out the disk and insert it again into the locked computer. Press any hot keys to enter the BIOS or CMOS utility settings. Set the inserted device as the priority device in the boot priority list and load the setup file into the locked computer’s hard disk.

After you have done this much click on “Reset Password” and “Reboot” buttons one after another to begin the process of password removal. It will take only few moments before the computer is rebooted and when it turns on again, there is no password enquiry and straight away enter the user account like an auto-logon.

So,you can clearly see as how easy it is deal with Passfolk SaverWin and resolve your issue in few simple steps. I am amazed to see that this software is freely distributed with no hassle of extravagant technical complexities, no need of additional ISO burning tools, and the user interface is so simple to work with. Thus, if you are looking for a guaranteed result, I would definitely recommend you to go for SaverWin.

In case you wish to know more about the tool, you can always visit our official website – where you can find all the necessary details regarding the tool.