How can I Reset HP Laptop Login Password?

Recently, I have bought HP laptop but I forgot the password and I am hopeless now. Is there any way to get through it without visiting a service center? I have lost my HP password in an emergency situation and I was totally unable to access my data?

There are several complaints that people make in online forums that they have lost their Windows password. If you are one of them, you are on the right place because I will help you resolve the issue. Laptops are very vital for all the users who remain outside for work purposes most of the time.

Suppose you forget your password on HP laptop suddenly which might be because of different reasons, your overall work will be affected to a great extent. Unless you get the right password, you will no longer be able to access all your files and folders which you need on daily basis. It will be an absolute disaster. Before you go for anything else, you first have to reset your locked HP laptop.

Method 1- Using Password Reset Disk

The easiest way to go is to reset your forgotten HP password with reset disk which was created with Password Reset Wizard. If you have created password reset disk before you forgot your password, simply use this password reset disk to remove password with ease. But it is helpful only in local account, not on Microsoft account.

  • Open your locked laptop and type any random password. It will ask you to “Reset Password”
  • Click on drop down list and choose the drive where your password reset disk is placed.
  • You can set up your new password which will replace the existing one.

You should have a password reset disk to keep up with this process. It is a handy tool that you just need to create. It will work always, no matter how many times it is used.

Method 2 – Using Passfolk SaverWin (100% Free)

Passfolk SaverWin (Free) is a handy tool which will never disappoint you if it is being worn out after trying several attempts and resetting tools. This tool is quite simple as it can totally remove the password from the login screen and provide clean access to the user to their account.

Step 1 – First off, you should download SaverWin and install it online on any of your working PC and install it with the process. Open it by choosing “Run as administrator” and you can see two options to burn reset disk on the main interface.

Step 2–Insert the empty bootable disk in your laptop and click “Burn USB” to burn the ISO file in bootable drive. It will show you a notification “Burning successfully”. Click OK to proceed.

Step 3 – Remove the reset disk and reinsert the same in locked HP laptop. Simply press keys like F2, F8, or Del on the BIOS settings from keyboard and change boot priority.

Step 4 – Reboot your PC and your HP laptop will boot from DVD/CD or USB you have set and load the SaverWin program. Click “Reboot” and “Reset Password” to start.