How can I hide my IP address from ISP?

The answer would be by using online web proxy. We are always surfing something or the other in the internet. We may sometimes try and visit some sites which are restricted and therefore we may land up into trouble if our IP address is visible to every site.

An online web proxy is used to hide the IP address of your network from the websites you visit. On using the web proxy, your IP address is hidden to the website you visit. They are unable to see you actual location. It seems as if you are accessing the page from a different location.

Online web proxy acts as a shield because the IP address visible to the website you are visiting is not yours. All the web traffic passing from your computer to the web server first passes through the web proxy.

Ways web proxy can be helpful for us

Web proxies are helpful in a number of ways but you must know when to use and when not to use.

  • Hiding your information – When you are visiting any site for searching information, you can use web proxy so that your IP address is hidden from those web sites. Whenever you will feel that anyone is monitoring your internet traffic you can use web proxy to hide your internet searches from the Internet service provider (ISP).
  • Want to visit blocked sites – If you want to visit any blocked sites which may be restricted due to some reasons you can unblock that site by using the web proxy. Web proxy will unblock that site by giving a new IP address.

Few more information on web proxy

If we talk about general proxy servers, then you must understand that they are compatible with any devices and applications. You have to set up the proxies with their IP address and port number. But web proxies are applicable only for web pages in your browser.

Using web proxies doesn’t mean that your internet usage information is hidden from you. Your bandwidth usage is pretty much visible so you cannot bypass your data limit. Passing your internet traffic through web proxy will not hide any additional usage.

Web proxies also store a copy of data in cache memory. So, if you search for the same page again and again, the page will be delivered by web proxy from the cache instead of the destination site. Thus, your internet accesses will also speedup.

Are web proxies easily available?

Yes they are. If you search for web proxies, there are dozens available though their features may be different from one another. One proxy may allow you to access websites anonymously  and other may disable features like cookies and javascript for extra security.