Web design mistakes that are destroying your SEO

People believe that the toughest part of a creating a website is the process of designing, but in reality the tough task at hand is bringing it to success once the designing process is complete. The way that companies aim to walk that particular path of success is by working on factors that can help up their SEO ranking. A number of mistakes are committed that can cause harm to your SEO ranking without you even realizing that you’re committing them.

Take any seo agency in india, all of them would warn you against these mistakes. To begin with, you must never underestimate the essentiality of site speed. You need to make it your priority as most of the people quit the page if it doesn’t load within three seconds. Optimize your media, don’t upload huge files that will take long to load. Additional things that you can do are minimizing widgets, enabling compression and cache. Don’t make the mistake of not testing all your design elements. This is something that you must do efficiently and effectively, it is important to be thorough. You need to do multiple checks because there can be little mistakes that you miss such as wrong font sizes, images that haven’t been sized correctly, elements that are causing breaks in the page, wrong alignment etc. Don’t ignore the security of your website! If your website is hacked and is believed to spread viruses, google can warn users to avoid your website due to the potential damage it can cause to their computers and mobiles. Having excess plugins can make your website easy to hack, which can lead to a huge reduction in the number of users that diligently follow your website. Don’t make unnecessary http requests. Excessive http requests will slow down your page significantly.

We live in the world of mobiles now, the number of mobile searches has long surpassed the number of desktop searches. Google has given a lot of importance to responsive design, making it an essential factor to consider. Day by day there is an increase in the number of searches being carried out on mobile phones, it is important that any company who wants to succeed should try to capture this rapid increase in mobile traffic. The impact of responsive design is significant in terms of user experience and should be exploited to its full potential. The layout of your website has to be different for desktop searches and mobile searches. Google luckily offers you with tools that let you test if your website is mobile friendly or not, making your work easier.

It is important for you to have a final check list so that you can ensure that all that you planned has been done. There is no harm in double checking or triple checking your work, but if even a single bad elements goes out on the website without being checked it can cause damage to your website and the reputation of your company which you certainly don’t want. If handling the SEO element of your website seems like a tough task for you, you can go for a few names and then opt one of the best seo agency in india.

Try that you can seat web designers with SEO experts since the initial stages so that you don’t face these problems and can tackle them before they arise. If you incorporate their participation later on, it can be problematic to make them gel together and work efficiently. The mistakes mentioned above must be avoided at all costs as you want a website which has a lot of traffic coming towards it and not going away from it.