All You Need To Know About Typography

            Typography plays a very important role in strengthening your brand. It also creates an interest in your product while highlighting the message that your brand carries. This is the reason why many want to learn about typography. There are plenty of classes being offered in typography.

            Learning first about the introduction to typography is important. Once you know the basics, it would be easier to move up to the much-complicated aspects of this area of art. So if you are new to typography, here are the things that every beginner should know.

What Is Typography?

            Before you decide on doing the course in typography, you need to understand that it is more than just choosing from the list of fonts. Typography is the art of arranging the letters and the characters. Remember, this is more than just the design and how the letters and characters look. The arrangement is very important. This also includes the point size, the line length, as well as the spacing.

The Importance Of Typography

            Typography is everywhere. From your phone to the billboards, and even in the t-shirt you are wearing. Notice how different the styles are. The font, the letters, and the arrangement of these characters take part in conveying the message. Every factor can make a difference. Remember that every detail matters.

Typography Styles

            Typography has different styles that you can choose from. Here are the most popular among the choices:

  • This is the traditional form of art. With this medium, the artist will commonly use special brushes and pens to create hand-lettered designs. This type of typography has been around since the 7th century. The art of calligraphy uses single strokes for each creation.
  • Typography. This is the modern medium where digital art is used. Here, you will use different programs and fonts for you to be able to create a desirable image. This usually involves pre-designed fonts and letters that you can just choose from.
  • Hand Lettering. This uses somewhat the same principles with calligraphy. Like calligraphy, this also uses thick downward strokes and light upward motions. The only difference is that, with hand lettering, you will mostly be using multiple strokes. The hand lettering will have the fonts blend with different shapes and styles.

Different Mediums Of Typography

            For calligraphy, the common materials used are pens, brushes, ink, paper and your guides. While the hand lettering only uses pens, paper, and guides. Since typography is the most modern among the three mediums, this uses software for font editing, raster editing, vector editing, and also different fonts and typeface packs.

These days, if you want to learn typography, it is so much easier. Skillshare is one of the most popular sites online that offers classes for both beginners and experts. You can just learn all about typography or broaden your knowledge with other forms of graphic designs. Whether this is for personal use or if you want to make it into a career, learning about typography can bring out your skills in art.